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Eat at Chez PB : Simple Asian Fish Soup with Pan-fried Fish

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If you’re on my Instagram, you’d be most familiar with my love for food and my #EatatChezPB hashtag. I’m a foodie, always seeking out new and interesting places to eat, but I also cook. In recent times, I’ve decided to incorporate a little more of that interest, because that’s who I am. Hence, “Eat at Chez PB” – “Eat at PB’s house”. No, that’s not quite a literal invitation LOL!

A few years ago, I used to marry these two interests in a weekly food segment. I dropped it for various reasons, time being chief among them. But I’ve decided to bring it back in a slightly more irregular fashion with a focus on food I cook, not food I eat. Eat at Chez PB is my domestic side that potters about the kitchen, and spends hours eyeing kitchen gadgets and cookware, dreaming more of that perfect kitchen, than the perfect beauty room.

I cook, but I’m no Masterchef. I chiefly do simple dishes and meals, often for 1-2 persons, but scalable to feed more if desired. MWS is a beauty blog, but I’m sure you realise by now that it has more aspects to it than mere beauty. Eat at Chez PB reflects that.

fish soup recipe

By way of a disclaimer, I may not necessarily focus on “healthy food”. I like cooking food as they are meant to be eaten, so if it is deep-fried, it will be. If it calls for butter, I use butter. I subscribe to the Nigella Lawson style of cooking – rich flavours, no skimping on ingredients. I make no apologies for it 🙂

I also operate off a guesstimate method of cooking, as a lot of cooking depends on your personal tastes and preferences. I again, make no apologies for this. Often, using more or less of any ingredient doesn’t really matter – this isn’t baking, which is an exact science. It’s cooking – cook from your heart, and to your taste, not someone else’s.

To kick off, here’s a fairly simple dish I have modified over time to make it very easy, and importantly, tasty. This is a version of clear Asian style Fish Soup that you can have on its own, or with rice or noodles as you wish.

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