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The Jo Malone Bloomsbury Set brings an English country manor to you

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Every year, Jo Malone comes up with a small and exclusive limited edition range of fragrances. One year, it was all about English desserts, another year, it was rain (oh yes, London’s rain is legendary!) and last year, if I’m not mistaken, it was about herbs. The running theme is this – limited edition, exclusive and English.

This year, Jo Malone is basing their new exclusive collection on the Bloomsbury Set – a set of fragrances inspired by the free spirited artists, intellectuals, authors and philosophers, capturing the contrast and dichotomy of English life in the 1900’s. The scents were inspired after visiting Charleston House, a manor in Sussex, where some of these free-spirits lived. Is there anything more English than an English country manor I ask you?

jo malone bloomsbury set

Incidentally, “set” here refers to the group of people who led this life, and the inspiration for the collection and bottles were drawn from the house where many of them lived. The collection therefore draws inspiration from the “lily pond at dawn, bold blue hyacinth, absinthe afternoons and golden linseed on paint-stained hands. Warming whiskey and sweet pipe tobacco. The secrets of waxed floors burnished by footsteps in the night.” It’s all a rather romanticised notion of an artistic life.

There are 5 bottles of cologne in the Bloomsbury Set collection that come in what seems like paint-spattered bottles without any logo. If you weren’t familiar with Jo Malone and the shape of their perfume bottles, you may not even know where these were from!

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