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Plagued by Sensitive Skin? 3 Tips on how to care for sensitive skin

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I had an interesting conversation with a friend a few weeks ago. Said friend has very sensitive skin that reacts strongly to all sorts of skincare products, so we were having a discussion about what could be done, or where to find fragrance-free products.

I went off and did some quick research to find out that sensitive skin:-

  • Turns red easily and may even break out in rashes when exposed to the sun
  • Has redness or blotchiness in the skin – and when you rub it, it doesn’t dissipate
  • Has a stinging or itching sensation when you use certain skincare products especially fragranced products, and in severe cases, may cause you to break out in hives

It has been found that sensitive skin can be caused by harsh climates, pollutants in the air and water, hormones, stress, and the use of cosmetics. These are just some of the irritations that aggravate sensitive skin and according to a Project Omnibus Report in 2014, more than 50% of women in Asia claim to experience sensitive skin in their entire year.

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While I don’t generally have sensitive skin, there are times when my skin reacts to weather, products or hormones and stress. When I was undergoing a very stressful period recently, I’d have an unexplainable itch and little bumps on my neck and legs, and horribly dry skin on my hands. Drove me mad! My face was fortunately spared, but well, hello breakouts!

So in my research on how to address, or at least alleviate the uncomfortable conditions experienced by sensitive skin, here are 3 tips I came across.

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