Monday, 1 February 2016

Your Say: Is blogging dead?

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“Is blogging dead?”

Ironic, considering that I’m writing this on a blog, and inviting you to share your thoughts on this. If it were well and truly dead, then no one will read this little musing of mine, will they? It’ll provoke no comment, and it’ll just disappear into the ether.

is blogging dead?

I’m not going to whine about the way things are or were, or what goes on behind the facade of the blog that you see right here, or what nonsense bloggers have to face. I have a genuine curiosity as to whether you feel that it’s just too much to read blogs anymore. Or perhaps, you feel that blogs are now too commercialised. Or maybe, the blogger you used to read no longer blogs about things you can relate to, and you just feel that blogging as a whole is just passe.

We all grow up and along the way, our interests wax and wane in different areas of our life. But that’s looking at it from the reader’s side of the fence. What about bloggers? Is it even worth starting a blog anymore? Has blogging been driven to its grave?

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