Monday, 25 April 2016

5 Easy Flat Iron Curls : Traditional, Bantu Knots, Kinky, S-curl/Wavy, Spiral

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Happy New Year beautiful people. I will be showing you five ways to curl your extensions or real hair with flat irons. These are some easy curls, waves, corkscrews and kinks. I did this on my wig that I just recently made. If you would like to see me do any of these on a full head, please let me know.

Playlist with all the styles on a full head:
1. 00:08 Traditional Curl - On a small section of hair, clamp the flat iron down, rotate it 360 degrees and rotate it slowly as you go down.
2. 00:42 Bantu Knot - Make a bantu knot in your hair and pass the flat iron over it for some wild curls.
3. 01:40 Kinky Curl - Get a round wooden dowel that is 3/16 inches in diameter, wrap your hair around it and then pass the flat iron over your hair.
4. 02:24 S- Curl - Tape two dowels together, pass your hair in between the two, wrap it around a dowel, back to the middle, around the other and keep alternating until the hair is wrapped. Pass the flat iron over it.
5. 03:39 Tight Spiral Curl - Grab the dowels that are taped together and wrap your hair around them. Pass the flat iron over your hair and you will get a curling wand effect.

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