Monday, 11 April 2016

Your Say: What made you love makeup?

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I got to wondering about this question recently, because I got nosy, and because I’ve noticed an increase in the number of people interested in makeup, be it the techniques or makeup products in general.

I noticed this most significantly after the opening of Sephora stores locally. At one time, I thought Sephora would just open their stores and then slink away with their tail between their legs after a year or so, the way they did in Hong Kong. So, it surprised me to see that they’re still around and expanding.

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When I step into a Sephora store, I’m also quite fascinated by the number of people in there buying and playing with the makeup on display. Collections are snapped up like hot goreng pisang, and the number of Instagram accounts out there dedicated to just makeup, is mind boggling!

So, since I know that I have a ready audience here (You would like makeup if you’re reading my blog! 😀 ) I thought I’d ask you – What made you love makeup?

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